Fighting Hunger Card

We’ve initiated our project called The Fighting Hunger Card for our homeless population in the Richmond Region. I decided to tackle this issue because it’s important and relevant in Richmond and surrounding counties.

Look at the homeless statistics from our friends over at Homeward. In winter of 2020 A total of 479 adults and 70 children were counted. While most people experiencing homelessness in our area are staying in local shelters, 130 are unsheltered individuals were counted this year.

So, what’s the Fighting Hunger Card and how does it help? The Fighting Hunger Card and its systems were developed by Community Forward in partnership with Consulytica. It’s available for use at participating restaurants. Card holders can expect to receive reasonable daily, weekly or monthly spending limits. Spending limits are based on average daily fund size and are given as micro-grants. Other benefits may include special menus, discounted menu items and the ability to manage their accounts online. But wait, there’s even more power packed in this card. Members automatically establish credit and a file with Consulytica. This will enable card holders that may have no credit or a troubled credit history a fresh start with local companies for things like financing, or even a pay overtime program.

Now there are some requirements that individuals must meet to get approved for the card, you must be 18 years or older, a resident or previous resident of Virginia and have a photo ID.

So, where are we with the card? We’ve developed and completed testing on the technology. We received some funding but are currently looking for more donors to expand our reach and sustain card holders long-term. We’re also looking for more restaurant owners to partner with to become participating locations offer the service. This is a good way for owners that want to give back to the community to work with us. Starting in 2023 the card will be available in Richmond City/Hopewell/Petersburg. We are also making this technology available to NPO’s that want to operate a similar program but may not have the budget to cover its expensive and lengthy built out. For more information, please email us at

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